How to Run a College Startup

Hello Strivers, and welcome back to Strive Life. In this post, I will be talking about my experience of creating and running a Startup as a College student. Also, I'll be providing advice if you are looking to do something similar. 

My name is Andrew McEwen. I am a 20-year-old Sophomore in College, studying Computer Science and playing Soccer at Capital University, located in Columbus, Ohio USA. 

Topics: Sacrifices and Time Management

I first started the development of my Company, McEw LLC, in early February 2017. I won't go into detail on how or why I started it, but rather jump to now, 9 months later.
Studying Computer Science, Playing Soccer, and Running a Company is hard as shit. There's really no easy way of putting it. Fortunately, I have made huge progress in learning how to balance my life and it requires two things- Sacrifices and Time Management.
Right now all I do is work, work, and work. At times it sucks; I want to let go, I want to hangout with friends, I want to have some fun. However, I see the bigger picture, and I know what I am capable of doing. I want to see McEw become something huge, and in order for that to happen, I need to make Sacrifices. I've cut out the irrelevant bullshit and focus on the main components in my life: Soccer, School, and McEw. Most of the time it requires sleep depriving myself, telling friends I don't have time for them, pushing my body to its limit, and so on. I am extremely motivated though, and I know if I put in the work now, success will be waiting for me. I can guarantee it.
I find that college students can get caught in the misconception that 'College will be the best 4 years of your life'. The way I see it, is these 4+ years of College are the years that will determine the rest of your life. It is the time to be building yourself, developing good habits, learning, figuring out who you are as an individual, and preparing for the 'real' world. 
I can easily say that the stuff I have learned outside the classroom, running my own company, will remain with me for the rest of my life. Not only have I learned how the world functions, but I have discovered how to maximize my efficiency, and just how I can play to my strengths to achieve my goals.
A huge thing I've learned running McEw is figuring out the balance of school, soccer, and company work. Time is a precious thing. We only have so much of it, and for the most part, we have the freedom of deciding where to devote it. 
If you zoom in on the image below you'll see one of my scheduled weeks of October. I call it a 'Life Loop' and it's used to provide structure for my life. Mine is made up of my classes, soccer practices+games, and any other stuff that comes up during the week. I have set-bedtimes+waketimes, set-eating times, and so on. 

 At the beginning of the semester, I planned out every single day until winter break to maximize the time I had to work.  If you would like to try and make one, I suggest using powerpoint on your laptop/desktop. Click this link to download my 'Life Loop' and get started. 
I'm still learning throughout my experience of running McEw and I will be sure to write more about it. But as of now, I contribute most of my success to the sacrifices I have made, and the time I have devoted to being the best possible version of myself. 
Strive Life was created for those in need of motivation, in need of help, in need of inspiration. 
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i am so inpired from you,i am now in high school and trying to build a proper schedule.i have a question do you still planning your days.
bittu March 30, 2018
Damn bro your a g man keep it going man, dont give up and at the end you well acomplish your goal
Daniel Ramirez December 18, 2017
Amazing man you’re my idol in so many points of live ❤️

You’ve the same goals as I have and It would be an honor for me to learn more from you ?? December 11, 2017
“Strive Life was created for those in need of motivation, in need of help, in need of inspiration.”

You’re a good man and inspiration for many; for Strivers and Strivers-to-be.

Spencer November 22, 2017

Really inspiring to read. The way you live is just insane but it’s something to be proud of. Your motivation… just wow. I have no words but to keep it up. STRIVE.

Robbert November 19, 2017
great to read man?? i’m a current junior in high school from chicago playing soccer with no idea what i want to study in college but i just know i want to make my college years as productive as possible for my future. i’m looking to follow your example of making sacrifices for success. i don’t remember when i found your account on insta but i know for sure it was over a year or two ago and it’s great to see how far you’ve come and now with this company. keep doing what your doing man. you’re the true definition of the word STRIVE

my insta @herbert.carrera

Herbert Carrera November 19, 2017

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