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Yo, what’s up everyone? My name is Dalton Willis. I am just another 19 year old going through the motions of life here in Columbus, Ohio. I am a newly part owner and a creative director/designer for the company. I will be writing this like a text to one of the bros so if you have any criticism or corrections, keep it to yourself lol <3 I am writing this to reflect on the past year of my life (which has been the best by far), some stuff I’ve learned, what is in store for not only me this next year but also the brand as a whole. thank you for coming and reading about what I have to say. It means more then you imagine. I don’t care if you are here because you know me (shoutout grandma and all of my moms Facebook friends) or if you just saw the post on someones Instagram story, thank you so much for being here! Let’s dive in (: 



From shooting photos for Playboi Carti to driving to New York for the day to go to a model casting for Kith, 2019 was one for the books! I met many new faces and wouldn’t change a thing. 

(If you know me, you know I hate putting attention on myself or talking about myself! I just hate the feeling of bragging or anything like that. But this is a blog so I kinda have to talk about myself haha awkward laugh!!! IF I TALK TO MUCH ABOUT ME CALL ME OUT ON IG LMFAO plz don’t . But I just want to share some cool stories from the past year and hopefully you learn some stuff about life, I did) 

Just want to relate to all of you reading! We are all human and all the same. Travis Scott, Brad Pitt, and the homeless guy down the street were all made the same way, Sexual Intercourse lol. 

What started out real slow with the passing of my grandpa, 2019 turned out to really be my best year and my favorite year of my life so far. It was a year full of big life choices and moments. I decided to take the semester off of school to really focus on myself and find out who I want to be. This was a hard thing to do considering how big college is in today’s society. With life being mostly driven by self-image and success, finding your own path can be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. I hope that this blog really shows that we all have our own path, and just because you might not know where exactly you want to end up, if you work hard and just enjoy life you will eventually get there and thats all that really matters. Enjoy your life and just be happy being you. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks in life, we only get one of these. Spend it how you want to be remembered, so many crazy accidents happen every day and you never know when life here on earth can be over. Make everyday count.  

While I took the semester off of school after my first year, I also quit my normal “9-5” job at Target (shoutout the boiz group chat and my old boss Emily and Cody) to really focus on myself and to try to live life off of just photography and modeling. I am still going strong and I can say that I have not regretted this at all, doing this forced myself to be who I want to be and to do the things that I wanted. 

SLATT !! Shooting the carti concert was hands down one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and is something I will definitely be telling my kids about when that day comes. Playboi has always been one of my favorites but being that close to him and given the opportunity to do my camera thing with his music thing was really cool. Can’t even explain the feeling you get as a playboy fan boy when he’s 10 feet in front of you screaming the words to RIP FREDO haha



Meeting Ronnie Fieg was a really cool experience. Ronnie is the owner of Kith, a clothing brand thats really been running the streetwear scene for a while now.  So both Ronnie and Kith posted on Instagram about how they were having open modeling castings and why would I not try that yanno. So the same night as seeing the post I drove out to New York for the night and the next day I went to the store in SoHo and waited in line. The line ran throughout the store until you got upstairs and Ronnie was sitting behind a curtain meeting with a few in line. Ive been a fan of Ronnie’s work for a while now so this was really intimidating. I walked into the room behind the curtain and shook his hand and he had his team take a few photos of me and that was it. Shook his hand and drove back to Ohio. Even though nothing ever came from this, I’m so glad that I just said fuck it and did it! I met one of my favorite people out of it and its just really inspiring to see yourself make those choices in life. Take those risks and do the things that seem stupid in the moment because they might just pay off. 

Andrew McEwen! The man himself haha. I met Andrew my freshman year at Capital University where we shared a media and society class together. The professor partnered us up for this wack snapchat research assignment and his self promoting ass gave me a discount code for some shoes lol. We would stay up to date with each other on Instagram from this point forward but nothing crazy came from us two until the next semester when he asked if I wanted to model some stuff and work with him. But fast forward a couple of months and here I am working with him every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday doing real cool stuff. Doing what he’s doing at his age is really impressive, all on his own. Huge props to my guy, Instagram with 309K followers and youtube channel with 736K subscribers. Real proud of you man, thankful for you sharing your platform with me and showing me the ways behind the scenes. Means the most <3 all of this is working for a reason and I can’t wait to see where all of this is in a few years. 

What I take from this past year is to just imagine your life the way that you want it to be and to stop thinking about how you don’t want it to be. Life is all about your attitude towards it and the energy that you’re putting into the world. Imagine living your dreams until they become your days! 




I don’t want you to read that last section up above and think that its all perfect and that cool stuff just happens without any struggle. I remember the beginning of last year, before I made those changes for myself including taking the semester off and then quitting my “9-5”. I remember sitting in class or in bed and just feeling stuck and bored. Doing the same exact thing every day gets so tiring and feels so old so quick. It’s so easy to feel like you are wasting your time doing the same routine every single day and not seeing much of an outcome and it all just means less and less, start to skip and you just feel it crumble under your feet. I am sure most of you reading can relate with me when I say that. For me, waking up and going to the same 8 am class every day and barely even knowing what I want to do with my life was not what I wanted to be doing. Obviously I’m not saying to go and drop out, just saying that everyone is not the same. We all have different paths and thats okay. 

There are so many paths that feel forced but we all have our own role in life. Just take what you enjoy and run with it. Don’t look back. 

Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to the people you see online. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, stop looking at others & thinking why you don’t have their features or their looks. You’re beautiful in your own way. Love your features and everything about yourself, because remember that there is only one of you & one looking you, so thats special in its own way! Once you really love yourself and become your own person is when you really start noticing life becoming better. At least that was the case for me. The moment I didn’t care and just started to do the things I enjoy without trying to fit in and do what everyone else was doing was when I found out what I enjoyed in life and what made me the happiest. 


MY 2020 

Continue to better myself and learn about myself daily. write more, read more, kiss my pretty girlfriend more. Quick shoutout to her man, she’s the coolest and supports me with everything. Hope everyone finds something like this man! I think we are here on earth to love, it makes the world go round. If we just live life and love each other it can all be so simple. Just spread love and positivity while we are here! 

I have a big project in the works that a few of you know about but I’m going to keep that to myself for now, tough being in Columbus where creativity is limited. Ideas will be stolen /: but be on the lookout for something BIG coming from me towards the end of the year! 

Continue to create for MCEW, life is so fun when you’re doing what you want to do. I’m 19 and just sold out my own hoodie for the brand! FUCK! 


Self acceptance is key, not acceptance from others because a lot of these people haven’t even accepted themselves! How do you expect them to accept you?




  • If it’s good people love it, if it’s bad people ignore it.


  • being yourself leads to great things, this is me

          we’re all going through life.


  • used to go to the pencil sharpener to show the pretty girls my fit.


  • Red Wine out of Gatorade bottles.


  • If the world was flat cats would’ve already pushed everything off.


  • Love Emily Ratijkowski !


  • have this gift of nobody knowing who I am, if this doesn’t work, then on to the rest of life. 



Surrounding yourself around cool people is huge in life! Shoutout these people for inspiring me and for constantly motivating me to do more and more. This is no order and no name is more important then any other. Some of you might not even be expecting on the list but here we go! These people are awesome, search there names in my followers on ig and check them out! <3 ALL LOVE! 


MCEW CREW - Andrew, Jerry, Austin, Thomas, Robert, Colin, Remi, Abdul, Kelsie  !!


Andres and Robert, no matter the time between each hangout I LOVE YOU DAWGS 


Bubba, Mike, Jeff, Akil, Chase, Schylar, Tyler, Blake, Ben, Keaton Gannon, Ridge- love you guys, always support me (: 


My main girl em - you’re the coolest, life is great bc of you !! 


My target boys - Spence, Ben, Mike D, T Strapp, Ricky, Brandon, Mike, Malachi, Adam, Scott Grove!, Zach! Hayley, Emily, Cody (Brody) 


My cool family, mom and pops for believing in me and not disowning me for not going to school and not having that “normal” life with “normal” goals. 


Gage ! (look up to you so much man, I love you!)


BG Girls & Andy - Grace, Kylie, Leah, Charis, Hannah 


Brody and Kylie (look up and do what I do, your big brother is the coolest) 


Shoutout Coach Mike and Coach Grant  


Basketball fam - David, Dalton, Dakota, Dixon, Corey, the Maynards. YOU ALL FUCKING SUCK 


RIP GRANDPA MIKE - living this life for you, keep watching me do my thing!! 


I probably shouldn’t have done the whole shoutout thing, so many people once I start thinking and I am definitley forgetting some, so sorry! If you follow me and support me just know that its love and that it really means so much to me, you have no idea. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Last but not least, tell me what you think! If you loved it or hated it, I would love to know! Dm me on Instagram @daltoncwillis2 

Thank you for reading! 


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