Hello Strivers, and welcome back to Strive Life. In this post, I will discuss the negative effects of discouragement and how to conquer them. 

My name is Andrew McEwen. I am a 20-year-old Sophomore in College, studying Computer Science and playing Soccer at Capital University, located in Columbus, Ohio USA. 


/ disˈkərijmənt / 

A loss of confidence or enthusiasm.


Discouragement is something I completely despise. It stands as an obstacle for letting us become the highest potential version of ourselves. It is something that kills our confidence, it is something that makes us lazy, and it is something that kills our hope. 

Discouragement usually occurs after making a mistake, after a bad incident, or after someone/something telling us we can't do something. 

The reason I have chosen to talk about this topic is that discouragement is only a word, and I want you to understand that. We are in control of our own lives, and despite what tries to weigh us down, we are boundless, free to make our own choices and decide the life we want to live. 


We are human. We make mistakes. It is impossible to live a perfect life, so don't feel discouraged if every now and then you make a mistake. It may linger in your mind, preventing you from functioning correctly, but it's about looking at the bigger picture.

Below is a visual example I created what I call 'The Traditional Route' from birth to death for the average American’s life. 

It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you fit in the college, high school, or elementary section. This is good. Recognize that your section is such a small portion of life, and that big green section represents life outside the system. This is the bigger picture, and it's up to you to make it whatever you'd like.

Mistakes you make now are only a small little bump in the road. It’s best to have a short memory and forget about it. Move on with your life and work toward building the rest of your life. 


There are certain incidents that occur in our lives that we have no control over. These experiences can make us feel angry, mad, lost, and so on. 

I feel that the best way to convey my message is by talking about an incident that's occurred in my life. 

Back in high school, senior year of soccer, my team was set to play in the district finals for Ohio's soccer tournament. I had vividly imagined this moment from the start. I'd visualize scoring the winning goal and together, my team and I would celebrate.

However, this wasn't the case. It was Halloween night, Saturday, October 30th, 2015, and due to horrible calls from the referee, we lost. 

The moment that final whistle blew, I started to cry. It was a devastating feeling. Not only did we lose, but it felt like our loss was out of our control. At the time, high school soccer was my life, my passion, my everything. Just like that, the moment was gone. 

The rest of the weekend I felt lost, angry, and discouraged. I had no idea what to do with myself.

I returned to school Monday, yet my focus wasn't there. My third class rolled around and I started talking with one of my good friends, Don. We started talking about all the cool cities out there in the world until eventually, I had the spontaneous idea to go a journey to Chicago after school. 

So that's what I did. I wouldn't let the pain of losing consume my thoughts. It was November 2nd, 2015, and I drove to Chicago without telling anyone. Little did I know, this experience would lead to me creating my first 'real' video and developing the idea of 'Striving'. Check out my Chicago video by clicking this link.

Now, the whole idea behind this was that during my time of pain and discouragement, I realized that I am in control of my life, and I could shape it however I wanted. I would not let one little incident in my life determine who I was or how I'd feel. 

When you are faced with incidents in your life, look at it as a test where life's asking 'How will you handle this?", "How strong are you?", "Who will you be?" You decide


"You can't do it"

A big form of discouragement occurs when something or someone says we "can't do it", "won't become it", "won't pass it", and so on. 

To make this short and sweet, this is bullshit

Do you think people discouraged Elon Musk when he said he would land a rocket? How do you think those people felt when SpaceX's Falcon 9 landed?

Do you think Steve Jobs felt discouraged after being fired from Apple at age 30? That didn't stop him from forming another startup, NeXT, that was eventually bought by Apple for $429 million. That didn't stop him from becoming CEO of Apple once again and saving the company. 

Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger felt discouraged when he announced he'd be running for Governor of California? Instead, he responded, "Whenever people said it can't be done, that was actually the thing that motivated me most."

Do NOT feel discouraged. Instead, feel motivated to prove them wrong. 

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