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Hello Strivers. Welcome to Strive Life. 

My name is Andrew McEwen, the founder of McEw, and I'd like to briefly talk about my experience with dieting and working out. 

November 9th, 2016, my freshman college soccer season was over and I wasn't happy with how small I was at the collegiate level. I felt like a kid up against men, so I decided it was time for a change. 

I applied dieting and working out a little bit in my past and saw some decent results, so I picked it up again, this time more seriously.

 I started out easy, going 3 days out of the week, for about 30-40 minutes each session. I would do Chest, then Back\Lats, and then Biceps/Triceps. 

As for dieting, I cut out excessive sugars/salts in my diet and focused on high intakes of protein. 

I'd say getting started was definitely the most difficult thing. It wasn't necessarily the working out that got me, it was more the dieting. I have a huge sweet tooth, but I had one goal in mind, and that was to not be the skinny kid anymore. I had the vision and I would execute. 

As time progressed, I started hitting 60 minute sessions 6 days of the week (Sunday's were break days). Eventually the dieting became standard for me. I learned it also had benefits such as increased productivity and a sharper mind. 

Today is currently September 3rd, 2017 and I've significantly changed within the span of 10 months. 

I've gained 16 pounds in muscle mass and aside from my physique, my mindset has completely changed. I feel more mature, I feel more confident, and I feel like a man. 

I'll get more in depth about my process throughout other articles in Strive Life, but I wanted to see how much traction this blog would get and what you'd like to learn.

Strive Life was created for those in need of motivation, in need of help, in need of inspiration. I want to help, and through this blog, I believe I can do so. 


As of now, posts will be released every Sunday

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