Created: August 2015

One of my favorite cleats to play in was the 2011 Adidas F50's. They were some of the lightest and most durable cleats I had ever worn. When I put them on it felt like the cleat was an extension of my foot and complimented my speed extremely well.  I scored countless goals in them my freshman year in high school and remain one of my favorite boots to play in, to this day. 

The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the colorway. It was too vibrant for me. 

I was pretty involved in r/Sneakers on Reddit and one day I saw on the front page that someone threw some paint on their all-white filling pieces. They looked absolutely amazing and demonstrated how art can be made through the most simple techniques. 

Eventually, the inspiration led me to spray painting my Adizero's black and adding some white paint splatter. I then chipped away some paint to expose the vibrant green.

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