The team is comprised of young professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Andrew McEwen


Andrew is the president of the company and works primarily on marketing and product development.

Andrew McEwen, after whom the brand is named, is an Instagram personality, videographer, and soccer player from Cincinnati, Ohio. He's in his 3rd year at university studying Marketing and Computer Science. He runs a popular soccer-focused Instagram account (@mcew) and founded after looking to develop his Instagram presence into a business, resulting in becoming the motivational brand it is today.

Chandler Freeman


Chandler covers many executive roles in the company and focuses on business strategy, technology, finance, operations, and legal compliance.

Chandler is an entrepreneur and web developer from Columbus, Ohio. After taking a gap year from school to work full time as a software developer, he is now returning to his 3rd year in university to study Economics and Computer Science.

Aidan Minton

Media Production

Aidan specializes in production, photography, videography, and editing for MCEW media content.

Aidan is a content creator from Columbus, Ohio. He’s currently in his 2nd year at university studying film and media production with a minor in marketing.

Nicole Green

Product Design, UI/UX

Nicole covers a variety of roles in the company, but focuses on women's product design, event planning, and UI/UX.

As our UX/UI designer, marketing and PR consultant, a writer for our Strive Life blog, lead product designer for our women’s line, and much more, Nicole is our above-average jack-of-all-trades. She recently graduated from university and is currently working as a graphic designer.

Tommy Bruning


Tommy focuses on business-to-business relations and outreach.

Tommy handles business-to-business relations and outreach for, setting up influencer deals, photo shoots, and working with other brands to mutually benefit and expand our businesses. He is currently in his 2nd year at university.