CUSTOM Nike mercurial vapor X "What-the-vapor"



Created: June 2016

Toward the end of my senior year in high school, my passion for creating videos motivated me to produce a wicked custom on a pair of kangaroo-leather Vapor X's. 

The boot originally had a black synthetic on the back of the cleat, and a k-leather white covered the rest.

I saw the white and immediately knew I had to do something with it. I thought about the times in class where I'd just make little doodles while the teacher was talking, and I'd ended up making something kinda cool. So, with a few sharpies, I decided to incorporate the same method on the boots. 

I first created a black version which took me around 5 hours, and eventually finished the other boot with a multi-color design that took 6 hours. 

For the video, Jackson Welch, Colin McEwen (my brother), and I were looking to create something unique and upbeat. The video was executed brilliantly and was my first to blow up on YouTube which now stands at over 350,000 views. 

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