CUSTOM nike mercurial vapor x "PUNKSTAR"



Created: September 2015

It was my senior year in high school and I was out with a sprained ankle. I couldn't practice and had to miss 3 games, so instead of laying in my bed all day, I looked around for something productive to do. 

A few weeks prior to my injury, I had found a pair of the "hyper-pink" Vapor X's at my local Nike outlet for 50% off. They were just sitting around in my house, so I decided why don't I throw some sharpie designs on one of the boots and see how they end up.  Eventually, after 7 hours, I created the "Punkstar's". 

After my ankle healed, I returned back and finished the season in the "Punkstar's".

Personally, they have been my favorite boots to play in. The overall feel of the Vapor X is something no other boot has been able to match. The texture, the flexibility, the tongue, the comfort, and the traction are absolutely brilliant. Also, knowing that my boots was one of a kind made them that much better. 

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