CUSTOM nike mercurial superfly v "VIRUZ"



Created: February 2018

When I got back from London for the Puma Future event it seemed that I caught a virus and was stuck in bed all week feeling extremely fatigued and sick.

When I wasn't sleeping in bed, I would go on Instagram and check out artists, brands, etc. for inspiration. What I began to notice was they all had something recognizable about them. Whether it was Supreme's use of their box logo and the color red, whether it was Off_White's luxury street style appeal with their words in quotations, or whether it was Apple's focus on minimalism and elegance. I began to understand that I need to be developing my "McEw Custom" style. 

Something I've always liked to do was make intricate designs with a pen or sharpie. When I'm content, my mind feels like a constant flow of abstract problems and ideas, and I guess what I end up drawing is a visual representation of that. I've learned to do these drawings on a few other cleats such as my Punkstar's and What-The-Vapor's- both seemed to be a big hit. 

So I decided let's incorporate more of my McEw "Flow" style and draw on some Superfly V while I'm sick. Overall, it ended up taking 4 hours to finish the shoe. I would divide up the time working on it, making sure I would have a clean mind to keep the designs sharp. I ended up calling them "Viruz" after getting a virus on the plane and the cleats being green, I thought it was appropriate. 

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